23 June 2011

Xoi bap (sticky rice with corn)

Mom brought some dried corn from Vietnam and because all of us would be home that weekend she made xoi bap for us. Not because we liked it so much but because she needs extra helpers to eat it. So mom this one is on you.

Actually mom started the dish and I finished it off. It was quite easy to make but very time consuming. Mom soaked the dried corn overnight and then had to cook it for 8! hours before it was soft enough. What kind of corn did she get?!? No wonder vendors in Vietnam hardly sell xoi bap anymore.

After she cooked the corn she mixed it with some raw sticky rice and steamed it till the sticky rice was done.
By this time the mixture looks like this.
On top of that I put some cooked and smashed mung beans. My mung bean mixture wasn’t suppose to be that wet, but that was no reason to waste food.
Then the hubby’s favourite….crispy fried onion. He likes the store bough ones, but he loves the fresh fried ones!
To top it off some good scoops of the sesame/sugar/salt mixture. I use raw sesame seeds which I toast in a non stick pan. Then I smash them a bit so they can release even more flavour and mix them with a bit of salt and a whole bunch of sugar.

Every scoop should have a little bit of everything. At first you’ll think…kinda odd combination, but once the flavours come together….it is very addictive. It’s the hubby’s new favourite.

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  1. Hi Lilly.
    It's been a while since i've visited but I am back. Wow! These dishes look great. I love corn and I only wish I could taste these dishes. What a great combo to add it to the sticky rice. But my favorite has got to be the crispy friend onion. Mmmm.
    Please stop by and visit when you get a chance.


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