25 June 2011

Stir fried egg noodles

The hubby was requesting something simple for dinner so the wife didn’t have to cook a lot. Little he knows that the wife can’t cook anything simple. It always has to be lots and lots and lots. And of course it has to taste like heaven, or close to it. Both take time and effort. But she doesn’t mind most of the time. The hubby's wish is the wife's command. As long as he makes his wishes in advance, so the wife can get prepared.

So I went out and got all I need for this stir fry. I don’t have a fixed recipe but I always try to make it with lots of veggies. For this stir fry I got some baby bok choy, some flowering edible rapes, fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh fried tofu and bean sprouts. Because we haven’t been eating shrimps for a while I decided to use some fresh tiger shrimps and pair it with a big piece of entrecote.

I started preparing everything first. You can slice it as fine or as rough as you like. I like big pieces and because I’m stir frying everything separate first I had big pieces.

I pealed and deveined the shrimps and sliced them in half. Then I sliced the entrecote in thick strips. I started by stir frying the entrecote very briefly with some onion, garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil. I basically mixed everything together in the pan with the heat on. After everything is mixed and the meat is getting a bit of color I took it out of the pan.
After that it was time for the shiitake mushrooms and the tofu. I bought fresh tofu which I fried in some oil first. I made sure the there was a lot of heat so the mushrooms sheared and didn’t had the time to release a lot of liquid.

Then it was time for the baby bok choy and the flowering edible rapes. I use a big wok for this dish but I had so much veggies it almost didn’t fit. These veggies release lots of water and shrink a lot as well. So although it looked like much, it only filled half the wok after it was done. I stir fried this with just a little bit of water to get them going and some oyster sauce.

In the meantime I cooked the egg noodles in some boiled water till they were no long clumped together. Egg noodles here are like pasta…you have to boil them first before you can process them.

By this time the veggies were almost done. Now it is time to combine everything. The noodles went in first, then the meat and the shrimps, then the mushrooms and almost at the end the bean sprouts.
Because everything was stir fried separately first this dish is done when the shrimp is done. I had a last taste and added some more salt and grounded pepper before serving it.
I love it when the hubby requests noodles. It is easy and you can use whatever veggies you have in the fridge. It is also a great way of getting rid of your leftovers.


  1. I love using pasta dishes as a way to use a bunch of veggies too. This looks very yummy!

  2. I agree I love dishes that we get to use up all the random veggies we have. This looks great!


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