10 June 2011

Sweet potato and yellow mung bean dessert

What do you do when you have some sweet potatoes? There are so many options. I like them steamed, mashed, fried; there is nothing you can’t do with them. They are good in savory and sweet dishes.

Today I paired them with a handful of yellow mung beans to make a sweet dessert.  
Main ingredients: sweet potatoes, yellow mung beans, coconut milk and of course sugar and vanilla essence.  
I washed and rinsed the beans several times till the water was clear. Then it was time to cook them.

While the beans cook I pealed the potatoes. After a quick wash I used a big rasp to shredder them.

Make sure you keep an eye on the beans. As they cook their release lots of foam. Scoop it out when you see it.
The two potatoes gave me a whole big pile.

By this time the beans are cooked. They should look like this. Now it is time to add the sugar and the vanilla essence or vanilla sugar. Whatever you have at hand. Start with a couple of spoons of sugar first so you can control the sweetness. Keep in mind that the sweet potatoes are slightly sweet as well.
Then it is time to add the shredded potatoes. The whole pile went in.
I cooked it for a couple of minutes till the potatoes soften. Of course I continued scoping off the foam.
This time I decided to add the coconut milk to make it creamier. Last time I didn’t add the milk and the dessert was, when you eat it cold, very refreshing. I thought I give it a try with the coconut milk.
I didn’t use the whole can of coconut milk. Whatever I had left I pored in a plastic bag we use for making ice cubs and popped them in the freezer. This way I always have coconut milk at hand.

Then last minute I game up with this brilliant idea to add some tapioca peals. Because they had to cook I had the pan on the stove a bit longer making the potatoes mushier. So if you want to use tapioca then I suggest you to add it right after you add the potatoes. Then everything will cook at the same time.
This dessert can be eaten hot, warm or cold. This is how it looks when it came from the stove. Still piping hot and nice an runny.    

This is the next day when it came out of the fridge. Now that I tried both versions, with and without coconut milk I have to say I prefer the version with the coconut milk. The version with the milk is heavier and not refreshing at all. Try both versions and you know what I mean. This dessert (without the coconut milk) will be great on a hot sunny day.

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