27 June 2011

The mini series: tiramisu popsicles

My sister was requesting my “famous better then sex” tiramisu for her 30th birthday party and of course I can never refuse any request for tiramisu. So I got all the ingredients I needed and got started Saturday early in the morning. I believe I rolled out of bed at 8 and finished the tiramisu at 9is. I made a big tray enough to feed 16 people or 20 if you serve smaller slices and I still had enough left for 6 individual pots and 12 popsicles.    

I actually wanted to make more popsicles, but since they were so much work I thought I make 12 first.
I used some plastic wrap to cover my mini cupcake molds. I figured that this would make it easier for me to get the popsicles out.

Then I filled the molds with the mascarpone mixture and cover the top with some small pieces of lady fingers. I thought about sprinkling some amaretto on top but I didn’t want to make them soggy. I popped the whole tray in the freezer. 
It takes probably one or 2 hours to freeze it, but I went shopping and didn’t return till 2 so by then they were in the freezer for about 3 hours. They were frozen for sure.

I took them out while I was melting the chocolate and maybe I should’ve kept them in the freezer till the chocolate was ready. All I did was breaking half a bar of chocolate (about 100 gram) in a glass and melted it in the microwave.

I looked all over the place for popsicle sticks and of course every time you are looking for something you can’t find it, so I settled for toothpicks. To make sure they were able to hold I used 2.
Every popsicle got to dive in the chocolate and because they were still frozen the chocolate got solid quite fast. By the time I got to the last 3 I barely had enough chocolate left. Next time I need to use a bit more.

Here you go mini chocolate tiramisu bites!
I think next time I sprinkle some amaretto on the lady fingers before freezing them. The hubby liked it…the chocolate was very good he said. And I didn’t even make that part =)


  1. High cute & yummy factor!

  2. Oh I love the chocolate covered minis! They are adorable and I love anything mini. Great job!

  3. this is gorgeous..my kids would love this..
    first time here..lovely space you have..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Thank you guys for stopping by and following my blog. I am honored. I have some more ideas for mini food, but my family can’t eat it all!

  5. These are so creative! And sound delicious.

  6. I'd have to eat the whole batch. It's a bummer that the amaretto wouldn't have worked out.

  7. They are adorable! Mini anything is always cute. And I LOVE Tiramisu!

  8. This is a fantastic idea. My mom used to make tiramisu with Kahlua so I would love to try it with that instead of amaretto. I would fight Christianne for the whole batch.

  9. These mini tiramisu Popsicles are such a brilliant idea! I'd love to try them out sometime, I bet my kids will be impressed with this frozen treat.


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