25 June 2011

The mini series: chocolate cherry soufflé

I bought the cutest things the other day…mini (cupcake/muffin) molds. One mold holds about 12 mini cups and I bought 2 molds to start with. Then when I tried it the first time, making cupcakes from a store bought cake mix, I found out that 2 wasn’t enough. I needed at least 4 so a couple of days later I went out and bought 2 more. So now I am the proud owner of 4 mini cup molds.
These cupcakes were made with the new molds and if you look at the M&M you see how small they are. It doesn’t even take 2 bites to eat them! As much as I liked those cakes I prefer the ones made from scratch. These were much too sweet to my liking. At least when you make things from scratch you can control the sweetness.

I got inspired to do much more with the mold then just baking cakes. The mini series was born.
Because I didn’t want to make a big batch I had to adapt the quantity of the ingredients. I wanted to do something with cherries and chocolate and I had both of them at hand. I first put half a cherry in each cup. Then I mixed the ingredients together.

This is what is used:
-          150 gram butter
-          100 gram dark chocolate
-     1 egg 
-          1 teaspoon baking soda
-          1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-     pinch of salt
-          2 tablespoon flour
-          2 tablespoon quark
First I melted the butter and the chocolate in the microwave. It only takes a couple of seconds to heat it up. Then I stirred well till the mixture was shiny.
To a well mixed egg I added the chocolate. I also preheated the oven on 150 degrees.
Then I added the flour, baking soda, salt and quark.
After everything is mixed I use a little spoon to scoop this mixture in the molds. It was very difficult to put it in without spilling it and this was as good as it gets. I just had enough to fill 12 cups. By this time the oven is hot enough and I baked them for 30 minutes.
They came out so fluffy! It was something between a cupcake and a soufflé; a cupflé or a souflake? I’ll go with souflake =)
They were so mini I had to serve them on a teabag holder/dipping bowl.
The cherry went very well with the chocolate. And because I didn’t add any sugar they weren’t sweet enough. But that’s the way I like it. For those who like it sweet; some dusted powder sugar would help and will also make it look pretty.


  1. I cannot resist mini food, particularly when it has my two favourite CHs - CHerries and CHocolate. Good job Lilly!

  2. OMG! those tiny weenie cupcakes are so cute! I think I can eat 10 of them. Ooooo, the souffle looks mouth watering delicious. Me too, I will go for souffle if you said I can only choose one. Good Job!

  3. Thank you ladies! I am convinced everything can be minimized. Since the mini cupcake molds are my new best friends, I want to spend as much time as I can and as the family can eat.

  4. delicious looking dessert looks wonderful
    thank you :) I didn't know some of these types of mint
    following you keep in touch regards

  5. I like that cherry inside ! :)

  6. Ha! Your souflakes are gadorable. Mini makes me happy :)

  7. they look delicious. Chocolate and cherry is always good! Definite buzz


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