28 April 2011

A smile that lights your day

Ok for now, no more food and cooking. I wouldn’t be a good aunt if I didn’t post about my newborn niece and nephew once a while. Remember we went back to Vietnam to visit my hubby's brother, his wife and their new born twins. They are entering their 5 month . Can't believe we've been back to reality for 2 months now. Our holiday seems like ages ago. 

My hubby's family lives in America and 2 out of 5 siblings are in a different time zone. Nowadays thanks to the internet, cheap long distance phone calls and skype it is very easy to keep in touch.My in-laws are really good in keeping the family updated. You'll have to know that my hubby is an American, married to a Dutchie (me!) and moved to Holland to be with me. His brother is an American, moved to Vietnam to start his own company, met my sister in law, married her and has now two more attachments to Vietnam

My brother in law sends us pictures of the kiddies all the time we can see them growing up. And they grow so fast.

Luca is resting now but even with 4 months he was already able to lift his head up and I wouldn't be surprised if he would try to crawl one of these days.
Baby Bella is just chilling out and looking at the mobile we got for them. She looks so focused.
But this is the show stopper! This cutiepie lights up my day. Just looking at her makes the world brighter and sunnier!

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