09 April 2011

Crème brûlée all gone!

I finally can share my crème brûlée pictures. My little sister was such a sweetheart. She went out and got me....
It's crème brûlée torch!!! You can't miss it, it even has it printed on the damn thing. I never had one and never needed one, but still very happy to have one now. Just to bad she didn't buy a gas refill and due to safety reasons they sold it empty. Which we found out when I actually wanted to use it. So the next day little sis went back to the store to get a gas refill. That night it was a crème brûlée feast!
Before I had the torch I put the ramekins under the grill. I think my grill is not working proper, because after 10 minutes this was the result. The crème brûlée had sort of a nice sugar crust (not all the sugar burned), but the whole thing got warm also. And I like my crème brûlée cold! So anyone who doesn't have a torch yet, ask one for your birthday or invest in one. It is so much better!
This is how it looks when you use your torch. I sprinkled a small layer of powdered sugar on top of my cold crème brûlée. Then I used the torch to melt the sugar and to brown it a little. I don't like it too brown, so this was just right for me. Too brown (or black) will taste bitter and ruin the whole dish.
Just the way it should be. Nice and crunchy sugar layer on silky smooth cream.
Every spoon was such a delight.
I had to make sure I got every little piece. If I could I would've licked the bowl =)

Extra note from the hubby: I need to make sure that I get the crème brûlée ramekins so that he gets more sugar surface. Next time's investment...crème brûlée ramakins.

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