19 December 2010

Winter Wonder Land

It is the last Sunday before Christmas and I didn’t even put a Christmas tree up. Christmas feels different this tear, maybe because it is on the weekends and we don't get any extra day off. And for the first time in years we didn’t buy any Christmas presents. After years of giving we are out of ideas. What can you get for people who already have lots already? So our gift of giving for this year will be not give anything at all. Not that we had time to go shopping…due to the weather we didn’t had time for anything.

It started snowing on Friday and my coworker and I had a hard time getting to the office. Because we didn’t want to go home in the dark and the weather didn’t seem to improve we decided do all the necessarily work and then go home. So we worked for half a day and then left the office. I didn’t even get off the driveway so my coworker had to push my car. Without her I would probably still be stuck there.
The freeway wasn’t bad but the inner roads were very slippery. And it started snowing again. That day it snowed on and off and the snow pilled up high.
This picture was made of our back yard fence.
My poor fig tree (on your left) and blueberry bush (on the right) are all covered. I hope they survive the winter.

Saturday was a lot better with nice clear blue sky. Some of the snow actually started to melt and we had time to get out of the house.
Only the road is snow free. 
Today snow is in the air, but not falling down yet. Although it did snow a lot last night I think,
cuz when I woke up the pile of snow was even higher.

With weather like this there is noting more to do then to stay inside with a good book and a cup of warm chocolate milk. Or to make time to update a blog, like I did.

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