22 December 2010

A little Christmas spirit

On Monday when we all had to go back to work we found that Santa Cees had left us a little Christmas spirit over the weekend. He bought all of us a gorgeous display with 3 silver colored candle holders and a little bouquet of pine. Santa Cees always gives us something Christmassy and usually it will come one or two days before Christmas. So we were really lucky to get it 2 weeks earlier this year.
It was nicely wrapped in foil and looked very festive.
The little pine bouquet had pine cones and both fresh pine and artificial, but from the picture there is no telling which one is fake.
The silver together with the green make it all look so festive.
The candles were clued to the plate, but I will remove them later so I can display them somewhere else.  

Two days later Santa Michiel (one of our realtor friends) gave all of us a Christmas reef with lots of pine, silver balls and 4 candle holders. Silver and green always gives me a Christmas feeling.

So this year we didn't put a tree up, but we’ve cheered the house up with this beautiful reef. Every time I spray it with water the pine smell becomes stronger. If I close my eyes I can almost imagine having a real tree in the corner of the house. Next year I don’t need to imagine, I just need to make sure we’ll get a tree before the all run out.

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