02 December 2010

Oh just how time flies…

It's been way to long since I actually thought about blogging and I almost forgot I had one...somewhere...waiting for me to post some. Since a couple of weeks ago I started to experiment with some homemade naan, bunh bo hue, cottage pie, donuts and they all worked out so perfectly that I needed to capture it. Which I didn’t at that time. Oh if only I can recreate them. I've been cooking several other dishes, some very great stuff and since I never work with a recipe, some that should not be reproduce again.
So yesterday I decided to open an new blog with a new catchy name which my hubby came up with. Just so I can make sure I can recreate my delicious food again.

It's been more then one and a half years since my very first post on another blog and I've learned a lot since. Just not how to blog successfully, yet... I still have good hope this will come. All in due time as my hubby would say.

My kitchen adventure started when I was 9, which seems to be a life time ago. I was always around in the kitchen when mom was cooking. Of course she wouldn't have me around the stoof or have me use knifes when I was little, but at the time I was 9 she decided to let me try on my own. My mom was pregnant of my 3rth sister and she wasn't able to cook food for us. So my dad took over and all he could cook was soup. We got so tired of it that mom, who wasn't able to cook herself, sent me into the kitchen giving me instructions on how to cook simple stuff . Can't really recall what kind of stuff it was, but I can imagine it was simple and easy. I was only 9 so hey even I wouldn't expect much.
From that day on I assisted her in the kitchen. After a few years my mom "disappeared" out of the kitchen and it became my domain. She taught me all she knew and from that time dinner was on me.

I left my mom's kitchen for quite some years now. I have my own kitchen and family to take care of and I find it every difficult to work full time and to put good (healthy) food on the table every day. If I only had enough time, what kind of wonders would I be able to create.

This blog is dedicated to all those people who juggle between making money and making good food!

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