26 December 2010

Last minute shopping spree

Christmas is always a very busy time for everyone. Of course this year is not an exception. I guess that is what you get if you need to go out and do some last minute shopping. I was not the only one, the stores were crowded with people, who just like I, needed to get some last minute presents. I know I said that our gift this year was not to give anything at all, but somehow this didn’t feel right. So the last two days before Christmas I went and shopped my butt off. It would’ve been so much easier if I actually know what to buy, so I don’t need to go through all the stores. With so many people it is hard to find something nice, so maybe next year we need to make wish lists.

This year we celebrated Christmas at my parents place and because I didn’t want mom to be in the kitchen the whole day I bought all the stuff and cooked it for the family. All mom had to do is to marinate a 4.3 kilo rib eye with the spices I gave her and to prepare the super size shrimp. The best thing for me this Christmas was to hear that mom was so relaxed. She said she woke up, read a book and just chilled. Just like every Christmas should be.
The result of our last minute shopping spree barely fit under the tree.

This tree my parents bought a couple of years ago. It started small, but this year it actually looks like a real tree. I bet next year it will look even prettier. After the holidays they will move it back to the yard where it can grow till next Christmas.

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