27 December 2010

Soufflé the easy way

For Christmas day dinner I made a huge big tray of tiramisu, enough to feet a whole soccer team. Since I used 5 egg yolks I had to find a recipe for the egg whites. It was sitting in my fridge since Thursday and time was running out. Today had to be the day or else I would’ve thrown it out and I don’t like to waste food. So I searched online for a good recipe and notting really rocked my boat. So I decided to just give it a try and do it my way. I kept it really simple. I didn’t know how it would turn out so again no step by step pictures.


I used:
- 5 egg whites
- 150 gram dark chocolate
- 1 cup of whipping cream
- 1 table spoon of butter
- 2 table spoons of sugar 
- 1 table spoon of flour

First I headed up the butter till it was liquid and used it to thinly cover the inside of the ramekins. Then I used some sugar to cover the butter.

After that I wisked the egg whites with 2 table spoons of suger till it was nice and firm.

I then I broke the chocolate in little pieces and headed it up in the microwave for a coupe of seconds. When the chocolate melted I added a cup of warm whipping cream. I mixed till everything was smooth, then add a table spoon of flour and mixed till everything was corporated. This mixture I folded carfully into the beaten egg whites. I wanted to keep as much air in as possible. After everything is folded in well I poured it in the ramakins and put it in a preheaded oven on 200 degrees for about 13 minutes. After a couple of minutes you can see the soufflé almost double in size and your kitchen will smell heavenly.
This is what it looks like right after you take them out of the oven.
They were so fluffy and chocolaty.
They tasted great! Very rich, chocolaty and not overly sweet.

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