30 September 2011

To see or not to see

My internet is really slow these days and I hate it. I’ve been surfing around and leaving comments, but some how they don’t appear on the site. I’m sure it’s me, but I can’t do anything about it. But at least it’s Friday! Time to sit back and relax.

Let me tell you what I did this week. Of course I worked and cooked, but I also went for a so called quick scan to see if my eyes are suitable for lasik. Without my contacts I’m pretty much blind and I’ve always been a bit afraid of having it fixed. Although I’m still scared I thought I’d have a quick check up to see what the possibilities are. Of course the cheapest (still 3,500 euro) option wasn’t suitable, but apparently I’m a great candidate for lens implants (5,000 euro). Not to go into details, but they will make a tiny cut in the cornea and slip a flexible lens just in front of the iris. This procedure would only take a couple of minutes. About one or 2 weeks later they will do the other eye. This procedure is reversible so if it doesn’t work out they can take the lens out and I’ll be back on square 1.

I will have to wear my classes for 4 weeks so my eyes can get back to normal shape, but if I decided to go through with it, I could be contact lens free before the end of the year. Four weeks doesn’t seem like long, but for me it is pure hell. My glasses are -10! and give me headache when I wear them. On top of that I have a Vietnamese nose (very flat) so you get where I’m going to right?

If I decided to go with through this, there won’t be much cooking and blogging. It sounds weird but wearing glasses totally kills my mood for anything. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want to have it done in the first place. But to have a correct reading of my eyes I just have to suck it up.

To see or not to see that’s the question now. Yes I can see fine with my contacts and yes sometimes they are really a pain in the ass. Is it worth to wake up every day and see things clearly? I guess I can only answer this when I actually can see clearly. As long as I remember everything is blurry. I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts longer then I could actually see without them. People are right…you only miss things once it’s gone. Mine were gone so long that by now I don’t know better.

I still doubt about this so any comments or ideas are welcome.
So what do you all think?


  1. nice post Lilly...
    my opinion will be going for a lasik laser would be a better option. My bro did it and he is very comfortable now without the hassle of lens..!
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Gosh, Lilly...I feel exactly the same way you do about lasik and wearing glasses! And I too have worn them longer than I've had perfect vision. I've been too chicken to do lasik but if you go-ahead with yours, I might have pluck up the courage to do mine! Will miss your cooking, though.

  3. I have several friends who did it and everyone recommends me to do it. I would... if my eye sites are pretty much fixed, but every year it's getting worse and I heard eye sight has to be fixed for several years? As soon as I'm at the point that my eyes are not going worse, I'd try. I am not blind without contact/glasses, but more of convenience for sure.

  4. Sounds like your eyes are about like mine, I haven't done lasik or any other corrective procedures and have just stuck with my contacts. They don't really cause me any issues and the "work". My mom, however had the implant you are talking about and is thrilled with it. She had a cataract removed and the placed a reading lense into her eye and she loves it.
    Good luck with your decisions!!

  5. My sight is awful too. I am blind without glasses or contacts. I am so sick of dealing with contacts and its so expensive! If you can do the procedure, go for it!

  6. I wear contacts and glasses at night. I say if you can get your eyes fixes permanently - go for it...we'll be here when you get back!

  7. Dare not to use contacts...I think I can live with glasses for good.

  8. Guys thank you all for your thoughts and comment.

    I knew I wasn’t the only one, but sometimes it feels like I am so it really helps to hear that I’m not.

    I’ve decided to go through with it and been wearing my glasses since Monday. I’ve made an appointment for a more complete eye examination for beginning November. If things go as planned I could have the first eye done the second or third week of November and the second eye 2 weeks after. Since I’ll be in the States on the 31st of December for 4 weeks! things will be very tight.
    Nami: from what I know is that your eye site have to be stable for at least one year before you can have anything done. So if that’s the case you could have a look into that.
    Maya: I’m very chicken as well, but sucking it up now so hopefully one day I can wake up and see things clearly. I’ll get back to you once it’s all done =)


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