04 September 2011

Easy lunch

If I ever said growing old is fun, I’m taken it back right now. My body is so tired. And my head is full of all the recipes I still want to make.

My life is quite simple. We both work (40 hours a week and no longer then that) and in the weekends we chill aka do nothing except for cleaning the house. The last couple of weeks we’ve been quite occupied with visits and hosting. Well basically we had something planned every weekend. This particular Saturday was quite busy. For starters I went to bed quite late on Friday and woke up quite early on Saturday. Then I was making my date cupcakes and some savory puff pastries for high tea that afternoon with my gf. I had all kinds of ideas and recipes and I ended up making 4 out of a whole lot more.

We drove down early so me and the hubby could get an eye examination. We had to wait one hour before it was our turn. By the time we were done, it was lunch time. My gf made this amazing mackerel spread and bought all kinds of jummie stuff for our homemade high tea.

Our lunch spread had: mackerel sandwiches, smoked salmon and dill sandwiches and egg/dill salad sandwich, two kinds of savory puff pastries, the date cupcakes and one super moist pineapple cake, one vegetable quiche, some homemade strawberry and rhubarb jam and I brought a jar of homemade lemon curd. My gf just printed out a recipe for lemon curd earlier with the intention to make it later. Talking about a coincided. Great minds think alike =)

Since we made our own sandwiches we arranged the crust in a jar so we could use them for dipping into the lemon curd and jam. It was sooo good!

After this huge lunch we headed over to my aunt and uncles house. They had a birthday party for their 4 year old son and invited both side of the family. I think there were a least 70-80 people. They also hired this lady who was dressed like a clown and who preformed magic tricks and could make balloon animals. The kids and adults were having a blast.

So after this very long and very busy Saturday we woke up this morning and started to clean the house.
For lunch I had a sandwich with chicken filet, mayonnaise, cucumber and tomato.

And I had two with homemade egg salad. It kept me going till .

I’ve taken some stuff out for pho so that has to be cooked today and I also need to make dinner for tonight. It will be an easy one as well.


  1. Girl, you need to slow down! I'm tired just reading about your Saturday...and I was at work! What does that tell you ;) Great sammiches!

  2. Love having sandwiches...so simple, but seriously, one of the best foods ever!

    Buzzed ya!

  3. Sandwiches are always a great choice for an quick and easy, but satisfying meal!

  4. Sandwiches are always a great choice when you are feeling so tired! Quick, easy, and satisfying!


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