17 September 2011

Easy chocolate mousse

Sometimes you aren’t making anything and sometimes you almost live in your kitchen. Well it helps that the weather wasn’t working in our favor as well. It was raining and getting cold. Great time to experiment with different dishes. Today I manage to do 3 dishes, my daikon cake (first time ever), the chao and this easy chocolate mousse.

Can you believe I’ve never made my own chocolate mousse before? My neighbor made homemade chocolate mousse earlier and it was soooo good. I only wanted to have one spoon, but end up eating the whole bowl!! I asked her how she made it and she told me she had egg yolks in it. If there is anything I prefer not to work with is raw eggs. It’s fine when other people do (and I don’t necessarily have to know about it) but for me…well it try not to. 
So this mousse is made with only whipping cream, sugar and dark chocolate. How easy is that?
I started with melting my chocolate (180g). I normally melt it in the microwave but since I burned myself (because it got too hot), I prefer to do it this way (double boiler). It's easier to control.
The chocolate melted in no time. I took it of the stove and set it aside while I whipped the whipping cream (500ml) with some sugar till it was nice and thick.
Then I gentle fold in the melted chocolate. And to be honest…I also used my mixer just to make sure the chocolate was well incorporated. Only for a second…
I’d like to save my yoghurt and crème brûlée jars so I could reuse them and this was a perfect opportunity.

It was enough to fill up 8 jars to the rim. They are now setting in the fridge. I can’t wait till tomorrow…but I already know they will taste good…the spoon and spatula are licked clean.

I’m having movie night with my hubby now. Have a great weekend!

The next day:

It’s right now and I just finished my first chocolate mousse jar.
I was very happy to see that it was nice and fluffy.
Although it was a bit sweeter then I thought I would be (next time I just skip the sugar), it was till very good. I think a nice citrus salad or some cherries would balance the flavors out just right.
7 more jars to go...


  1. Rich, creamy and delectable! I love it!

  2. Okay 1 the mouse looks fantastic. Light and fluffy YUM! Second those little jars are to cute. I have a thing for jars lol.

  3. Yum! I love chocolate mousse though last time I made it I had about 100 steps to go through. I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try.

  4. Wow - that is absolutely stunning! You made that so delectable and every recipe I've ever made has gelatin and a ton of work...this is amazing! When I make chocolate mousse - I'm using your recipe!

  5. Yum! I made chocolate mousse for the first time last year and was also surprised by how easy it was, though my recipe is not quite as simple as yours. I will have to try your's next time; I love the short ingredient list. I also really covet your yogurt jars...much nicer than the plastic cups here in the US.

  6. That chocolate mousse looks amazing. I like the simple stuff but always forget to try it. I'm totally puttin ghtis one on my list! Thanks for checking out my pumpkin cupcakes today too!

  7. yummy looking fabulous Mousse
    regards Akheela
    createwithmom and torviewtoronto

  8. Wow all those little bubbles in the mousse look so light and airy. Perfect!! How long do you think these keep??

  9. This mousse looks perfect and it does sound easy to make! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  10. Delicious smooth mousse... dangerous for me... I'll just eat the whole thing in a seconds... =)

  11. I’ve made these on Saturday and today I finished the last jar. It still tasted very good so it might keep a bit longer.
    I kinda have a jar fetish. I love to have different jars, container etc just in case…you never know when you’d need them.
    I think this mousse would be great in a pie or tart as well, maybe something for next time.

  12. Lilly, oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING with all capital letters hahaha. wow, very easy but so delicious looking mousse..and you know what I also do collect those little jars or plastic bowls from yogurts and different kinds of desserts..Nicely done, love your photos too!

  13. Just stopped by to tell you that I made your mousse..even though I changed it just a bit by adding chocolate pudding. You know the mousse and on top pudding..like a little multi-color tower..I loveeeed it!!!! Post will come up soon!!! Thanks for sharing this!!


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