04 September 2011

Easy dinner: carb, veggie and meat

An easy lunch has to be followed by an easy dinner. Well actually the easy lunch gave me plenty of time to make a killer dinner, but my body is still resting; recharging for Monday. Since very meal has to have some kind of carb, veggie and meat I went for this very very easy one pot has it all dish, which is actually typical Dutch.

We call it hutspot. It’s a dish for cold winter days, but as Summer hasn’t really came this year I thought why not. And my carrots has to be eaten before they turn bad so the choice was easily made.
I used 8 or 9 potatoes, 6-7 carrots, 3 big onions (I didn’t use all 5 since they didn’t all fit in my pot) and one long “fresh” sausage.
I pealed the potatoes, the onions and the carrots and chopped them in equal big pieces so they cook evenly. Then I added one cube of bouillon and some salt and pepper. I cooked everything till the carrots and potatoes were soft.

In the meantime I fried the sausage in a bit of oil till it was nice and golden brown. 
With a potato masher I mashed everything together. Since everything tasted good already I didn’t had to add any extra salt.

Taraaaa! There you have it; today’s easy dinner. And it was sure tasty, we all came back for seconds!


  1. Fresh sausage! I've never cooked using fresh sausages before. This must be so good!

  2. Awesome sausage! That looks absolutely delicious :) Buzzed

  3. That is an incredible sausage, Lilly! This is absolutely my favourite comfort food dish. Yum!

  4. I would so totally love this meal. I'm one of those people who like my food smushed together. I might just have to make this sooner than later I also love the name. :)

  5. Ohh this is my kind of meal:)) love the whole thing!:) Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Easy = delicious! GREAT idea...thanks!

  7. Dont you love it with easy/quick meals come out so good! I like the mashed veggies you made

  8. I wish I could say I made the sausage myself, but I didn’t. It’s still on my “to do list”. For now I can only imagine how wonderful my homemade sausage will be. This “fresh” sausage was pretty good though.
    Every time I eat the potato/carrot/onion combo it strikes me how good it taste together. I need to eat it more often!

  9. I often and cooked carrots to my mashed potatoes but I like what you have done here with the carrots and onions. Great idea!


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