08 October 2011


The decision has been made and I’m some what relieved. I decided to go through and have my eyes corrected next month. I been wearing my glasses since Monday and noticed that everything is just a bit smaller then usual. Also my eye site without glasses is getting worse. Hopefully next month eye exam will go as expected and I’ll be glass/contact free by December. Just can’t wait!

I’ve been cooking, but not enjoying as much since I can’t get up close and personal with my food. When my glasses fog up again I remembered how happy I was with my contacts. Every now and then there are doubts, but I’m sticking on to my decision and counting the days till I can wear my contacts again. And of course eventually to be free of all the hassle =)

Yesterday I was surfing online looking for inspiration and hit a virus. That nasty thing deleted all the pictures I took *sigh*
Guess it’s time to make new ones.

I’ve been thinking all day what to make. I looked into (cup)cakes, but I am not a great (cup)cake baker so that’s a no go for now. Then I thought about bite size profiteroles, half of them filled with a lemon curd whipped cream and the other half with a Crème Pâtissière/whipped cream mixture. Here we normally have them filled with plain whipped cream, so this would be a nice twist.

For one batch of profiteroles I used:
- 200 gr all purpose flour (one cup)
- 125 gr butter (half a cup)
- 350 ml water (one cup)
- ½ teaspoon of salt
- 3 eggs
- 2 table spoons of sugar
- 1 bag of vanilla sugar
I started with boiling the water with the butter, the salt and the two sugars. 
Once the water boils and the butter is melted I took it off the stove and added one cup of flour.
I used a wooden spoon to stir everything and to incorporate the flour.
After a couple of minute the dough was no longer sticking to the pot and was nice and shiny.

Then it was time to add the eggs. I started with incorporating them one by one. At first it’s really hard to mix it, but you can see the dough come together and smoothen out.
After the third egg your dough would look like this; smooth and sticky.
I used my brand new piping bag to make this pretty profiterole. In fact I made a whole bunch of them.

I also made some log shaped. Can you believe I never used a piping bag before? I love it!
The oven was preheated on 215C degrees and these beauties were baked for 10-15 minutes. Then I turned down the oven to 180C degrees and bake them for another 10-15 minutes. To make sure the inside cooks as well I kept them in the “hot” oven after they were done.
They puffed up so beautiful!! How easy was that? After you tried this recipe you will never buy store bought profiteroles again.

I wanted to stuff them with the crème pâtissière but my piping bag broke down!! So if you’re piping bag does what it has to do, you can fill these profiteroles with a crème patisserie/whipped cream mixture, or some whipped cream with some homemade lemon curd. Or even with some plain whipped cream. With a little powdered sugar dust they will be gone in no time.


  1. I wore contacts for almost 12 years before I finally said 'screw this!' I still wear them for dancing, diving and other activities but I'm happy with my decision to switch to glasses. However, if I could get the surgery that would be the best thing ever!! Great profiteroles! They're beautiful :)

  2. so sorry to heared about eyes problem, Hope is better soon,,,,profiteroles,looks good,i'm sure taste YummY with filled of lemon curd and whipped cream.

  3. i am as blind as a bat! I have always been. Like you I also wore contacts. Now I cant read with my contacts in like I used to. I have removed 3 viruses in the last 6 months. I love the profiteroles! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm lucky (knocking on wood). I've only needed to wear glasses within the last couple of years, and that's just for driving or watching football on television (I can't see the jersey numbers).

    All that aside, your profiteroles are beautiful. Great job with the piping bag, especially if it's your first time!

  5. Stunning! I LOVE profiteroles! These are so light, and beautiful...a real show stopper!

    Congratulations on your decision. I'm sure you'll be fine! I'm wearing my glasses right now (easier for computer work) but wear contacts during the day (easier for everyday life). Unfortunately, I'm not a candidate for surgery...

  6. Congrats! Great job on the profiteroles!

  7. Profiteroles are so good! Your posts are making me crave them and eclairs... it's been almost a year now since I've had them!


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