19 October 2011

The Seven Links Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Adora from Adora’s Box and I haven’t had the time to write about it. Adora is this lovely lady who lives in London and makes the prettiest pictures of her food. Her blog is great and she’s really good at food styling!

Today after eating my leftovers and while watching Master Chef Australia I thought it was time. Of course it helps that I’m home alone and there’s nothing interesting on tv today. Oh wait I’m following a new show called Camelot and it’s on today. Guess I have to make it short then =)

The most beautiful post:
I have so many post I’m proud of and it was really difficult to pick one. I decided to go for this “Bo kho” dish. Just because I manage to make it almost look like the dish I had in the restaurant when I was in Vietnam.
The most popular post:
I don’t know which one it is so I actually had to have a look. Looking at the comments the “Pesto Artisan Bread” got a lot of comments, but the one that got the most views is “Pickled eggplants”.

The most controversial post:
I don’t think I have any, but something that comes close I think is “Ruoc thit heo (shredded pork)”.
In Holland we have a saying “wat de boer niet kent, eet hij niet”. Whatever the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat. It actually hits the spot. Whatever Dutch people don’t know they just don’t eat and they won’t try it either. Because this looks kinda funny I don’t think I can sell it to people here, unless I get them to try it first.
The most helpful post:
Another difficult one. I would say “Lemon Curd”. Just because it shows how easy it is to make it yourself.
The post that was surprisingly successful:
Although it didn’t get any comments at all I got a lot of views on my “Better then sex tiramisu”. Yes some things are so good you would choose it over physical contact. Just too bad the picture doesn’t show how great it was.

This recipe was for big parties. For a party of 2 I wouldn’t even make it: just too much work.
The post that didn’t get the attention it deserved:

I would say “Banh Chung test drive”. Banh chung is the dish we eat during Tet and this was my very first attempt making it. It was a great experience and the whole family loved it lots. The only down thing is that you will have to cook it for 7-8 hours! Even so, I will have to make it again soon.

Adora thank you for tagging me. I had so much fun going through my old post again. When I first started was mainly for me to be able to remake my dishes again. But after I joined foodbuzz a whole new world opened up for me and my blog was becoming something more then just an archive for recipes. 


  1. Woo hoo! It all looks delicious to me! Your bread has to be great and the pork too with all the rest. I'm your newest follower and will be looking around.

  2. Good choices, I see you've been one busy lady. I like that Dutch saying, I think a lot of people here are like that too. I remember seeing that bread and it making me think, I need bread! Hope you are having a great week.

  3. Loved your post. I always love reading these seven links posts.

  4. Loved this - and I remember all of them except the tiramisu...I believe I have to explore that one now!

  5. Enjoyed reading your 7 links Lilly! I realized I have some posts that I've never read. This is a great way to share your old recipes to new readers!

  6. Great seven links :) I always like seeing the least appreciated one :) Your Banh Chung test drive looks pretty good for a first time!

  7. You have a lot more than 7 great posts, Lilly. My favourite is still the shredded pork although I don't think I can make that. I love all the traditional recipes you post. They are so interesting.

  8. all of your links sound like perfect choices! Don't know how I missed that Tiramisu, but going to have to test it out soon =)

  9. I loved reading your 7 links Lilly! I saw some recipes I had missed in the past! They are all awesome!

  10. How lovely to go through your old posts like that. It was nice to see the diversity of everything you've blogged about.

  11. Everything you posted here looks so yummy!! But, you really got me with the tiramisu! It's my favorite!

  12. Everything looks great!

  13. How much fun! What a great way o get more familiar with your recipes and style of cooking!

  14. Lily, I enjoyed reading your 7 links.. I'm in love with your pork floss and tiramisu.. ;) Hugs, Jo

  15. Love the links! The Bo Kho has got me craving for a beef and carrot stew. Going to check that out.

  16. I had so much fun going through my old post and share them with you all. Thank you so much Adora!


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