16 August 2011


Tonight’s dinner was easy peasy but so satisfying. My boehoe opened a package of wraps/flour tortillas a couple of days ago and they had to be eaten before turning bad. I know you can keep and unopened package for quite some time but once it is opened it is better to eat it asap.

I am sure there is a difference between wraps, tortillas and burritos but tonight I can’t be bothered. I need food!

All together I took me 30 minutes to prepare this and about 5 minutes to eat 2 of them.
I used 500 gram minced meat (half pork, half beef) and seasoned it with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, some cumin powder, paprika powder, 5 spices powder, a bit of cinnamon, a bit of dried oregano and a dash of oyster sauce. This was added to the fried onion and garlic after they brown. 

After the meat was done I added some big junks of tomato and one cubed bell pepper. As there was a lot of liquid I waited till some of it evaporated.  
My dinner table: the meat, the veggies and the sauces.
I like my wrap with some garlic sauce, slices of tomato, meat, slices of avocado, some dots of cream fresh and some iceberg lettuce. 

Did you noticed that the wrap is actually bigger then my plate? 
After chewing down half a wrap I needed a break. Well actually I needed to take some pictures.
The first wrap is always the prettiest. The second one was twice as thick and couldn’t even fit in my mouth. I wish I could describe how good it was, but I can’t. I guess you’ll have to figure it out yourself.


  1. LOL, this post is so funny and delicious at the same time! I really like that your wrap was bigger than your plate and that you ate this more than halfway before remembering to take a photo... You're just too cute, Lilly!

  2. Nom nom! Must make wraps....definitely going on the menu this week.

  3. Ooooh, I LOVE meals like this - those that are easy and unexpectedly delicious! Fun post!

  4. I love your enthusiasm for your food, Lilly. I want one (errr two) of these buritos/wraps/tortillas NOW - extra cream, extra avocado.

  5. Although it didn’t seem like a lot there was plenty left for the next day….so what did I had for dinner? Wraps again =) Still sooo good the next day.

  6. Lilly, you are funny. I tend to put too much food in the wrap that everything start to drop even before I have my first bite! This looks delicious!!! I like this kind of dish where we can eat meat and veggies in one wrap (well I eat more than one tho. LOL!).


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