22 August 2011

Roast chicken

Ok remember I said I would post a recipe for reusing the sparerib marinade tomorrow? Now normally tomorrow is not a couple of days later, but I was kinda busy the rest of the week and this weekend.

My friend and his gf came over from Vietnam and stayed for the night. We met during summer camp when we were both 17-18 and kept in touch since. He use to live in Holland but decided to follow his brother and go to Vietnam for work. There he met this cute girl who happens to have the same name as me. So it is kinda confusing. But work out ok since she calls me “chi” which means big sister and I call her “em” (little sister). It is the appropriate way to address someone who is older or younger then you. As I am a few month older then my friend he should call me “chi” as well, but among friends we just use each others names or just speak Dutch. In Dutch and English everything is you and me.

We stayed up talking till 2.30 in the morning and I got up at 8. I was beat! That’s one of the first signs that I'm getting old. My body isn’t used to staying up late and wake up early. It took me 3 days to recover!
When I was dating my hubby (long distance) I stayed up till 3-4 in the morning to talk to him and got out of bed at 8 to get to work. And I was fine! Not tired at all. But that was then when I was young and flexible =)

So now that’s out of the way I'll get back to my sparerib marinade. And this recipe is just dead simple. After all the afford I put into making the marinade it helps to know that I get 2 meals out of it.
I dropped one whole chicken in the marinade and I just let it hang out in there. As I was leaving the pot outside I brought it to a boil and flipped the chicken over and cooked it for another couple of minutes. I took it off the stove and left it swimming in the marinade for one day.
The next day I cooked it again till the chicken was done.
This chicken was so soft and juicy and all it needed was a bit more color.

So I brushed it with some sweet chili sauce and put it in the oven I heated on 180C degrees for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you flip it after 5-7 minutes and that you’ll keep an eye on it.

When your chicken is golden brown it is time to eat. It’s great with rice or noodles. Even with bread it’s great.

I just had so much food left that this one is now waiting for me in the fridge. I have big plans with this chicken. 


  1. That chicken looks tender, juicy, and delicious! I love roast chicken!

  2. That looks amazing! Like, magazine amazing. Great twofer with that marinade :) Buzzed!

  3. Oh this chicken sounds like its packed with flavor!!

  4. Wow - delicious! I love this marinade!

  5. Like your idea to use the rib marinade for chicken. Looks very tasty, Lilly.

  6. This sounds so good! Love your way of using up the extra marinade =)

  7. Haha, I want to know what happened to you and that chicken after this post! Lilly, I was giggling reading through this...I bet when your friend called out 'Lilly', both you and his gf would answer! No wonder you're exhausted...haha.

  8. Haha your story was interesting to read and the roast chicken is superb!!! I've never roasted chicken before (maybe once) and I really need to learn it - like you said it's great with rice or noodles...thinking of it makes me hungry! So, what are your big plans with the chicken!?! ;-)

  9. How much fun reconnecting with old friends. I love roasted chicken and I need this marinade.

  10. Well it wasn’t really roast chicken, but I didn’t know how to call it. Boiled chicken didn’t sound too good.
    I realize that this chicken’s leg looks kinda strange, but I didn’t have a better picture =) I think with cooking this chicken I maxed out my marinade. Check out what I did with this poor chicken…


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