29 August 2011

Roast "red" pork

I wanted to make some cha siu bao from scratch, but didn’t get much further then the cha siu roast pork. Mom and dad came over for the weekend and mom said you need some kind of special flour to get the nice and white bun. So no cha siu bao…yet…If we manage to stay away from the roast pork long enough I might be able to make the bao in a couple of days.

I wrote all the seasoning on an itsy bitsy paper I need to post the recipe before it gets lost.
For my roast red pork of course I use the roast red pork seasoning mix. In fact I use it in most of my meat rubs. And it is great in sparerib marinade so I always have a stack of these packages in my pantry.
From the top left to the right I used: lots of fresh ground pepper, half a tablespoon of garlic powder, half a teaspoon ground star anise and half a teaspoon paprika powder, one teaspoon salt, half a tablespoon of ginger powder and 2 tablespoons of roast red pork seasoning.
I found these beautiful cuts of pork. It has lots of meat on it and also a little bit of fat. The fat makes it less dry I think.
I gave them all a good rub down and after every piece was covered with the seasoning I put them in a container so all the flavors could develop.
After sitting in the fridge for 2 days it was time to make roast pork!
I fried them in some oil first to sear the meat and lock those nice juices in. Then they went into an 180C degrees oven for 15-18 minutes. They were so tasty and juicy that my hubby had some slices on a regular white bun. It tasted just like cha siu bao he said. Mission accomplished =)

Ps: if they don’t end up in a bun for breakfast/lunch we will have these for dinner tomorrow with some rice and veggies.
It was very hard not snacking on the meat but we managed to save them. This was last night’s dinner!


  1. My kids LOOOOVE cha siu bao. My friend in Japan use Japanese bread machine to make bao (there is instructions to make Chinese bao - isn't it amazing?), and I've been tempted to buy those high tech bread machine.... it was so delicious and she said it's so easy to make. Sound too tempting. Your roasted red pork looks so yummy. I love to make fried rice with this leftover pork. =)

  2. YUM YUM YUM! That roast pork looks out of control good. Triple 'yum' good :) If you it doesn't make it into some cha siu bao, I guess you'll just have to make some more!

  3. This looks really good.

  4. I've never heard of cha siu bao before and I've never seen roast red pork seasoning mix. After seeing that last picture of the finished pork, I can definitely tell I'm missing out! Wow, that looks delicious. I'll bet there was none left over to serve with the rice and veggies!

  5. These look awesome!! great flavors and after marinating for 2 days, I bet they are full of flavor!!

  6. Oh - DELICIOUS! Sitting for two days, I bet the flavor was amazing! I've never heard of cha siu bao or red pork seasoning. What's in it?

  7. Oh I love Char Siu! Yours looks so good, I wanna eat these in little bread buns!

  8. Wonderful seasoning mix. It looks so darn good.

  9. I like that seasoning mix, how interesting.

  10. As I predicted they were so good there wasn’t any left for the cha siu bao. My hubby even ate it as a snack!

    A bread machine to make bao? Omg I need to get one of those! Let me know if/when you find one.

    I used my last package of seasoning so I can’t tell you what’s in it. I will make sure to check next time so I can let you know.


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