15 May 2011

Wonton potstickers

I was in the mood for something Chinese. But I didn’t feel like eating out and I didn’t want to spend too much time making it. I spend some time every day figuring what I would make for dinner. Sometimes it’s easy to come up with a menu, sometimes it makes me pull out my hair. What to make now? Normally I use whatever I have at hand to make dinner. But sometimes dinner plans come to me at work and then I have to ask my little sister to go out and get it. If it is not too complicated and I am able to send her a photo of what I need, she’ll get the right stuff. I prefer to do my own grocery, because I am very particular about what I need, but sometimes it is just not possible. And I know I give my little sister a hard time if she didn’t get the right stuff. We all have a mobile for a reason right?

Anyhow I sent her out to buy some wonton wrappers and told her to ask for the one people use for wonton soup. Because they have two kinds (one for making soup and one for frying) that can not be swapped around. And I needed some minced chicken. She got all I needed but when I looked at the minced chicken I saw that it didn’t contain only chicken, but also turkey and all kind of other seasoning. That was the first and the last time we bought minced chicken at the supermarket. If I buy chicken I assume it has chicken in it and not other poultry. The objective was to make Vietnamese spring rolls, but because the mince chicken wasn’t only chicken I decided to make wonton potstickers. 
I put the chicken in a bowl and added one chopped onion, 3 gloves of garlic (minced) and some minced ginger.
Then I added some salt, pepper, garlic powder and some drops of sesame oil.
I asked my sister to buy some "cu san" or Jícama. I remember my sister in law bought these for the spring rolls and I thought it would taste good in the potstickers also. It can never hurt to add some love =)
So after everything was diced, sliced and minced it was time to mix everything together. The black specs are dried mushrooms that I soaked in hot water and then minced.
I got my sister to help out and she seperated all the wonton sheets. I cracked one egg so I can use the whites as clue.

One teaspoon of meat went on each sheet. I spread some egg white on the two sides on top of the sheet. Then I folded everything together.
And this is what I ended up with. A cute little wonton boat.
After some hard labour I ended up with a whole tray of boats....waiting for their waterbath.
I cooked the wonton in boiling water and after they floated for a couple of minutes I put them in a cold water bath so they could cool off.

Then I made sure I shaked most of the water off before I “fried” them in a pan. I used a non stick pan with a little bit of oil to fried the wontons.
I made some dipping sauce with some light soy sauce, some cherry wine and a little bit of vinegar. And of course some chopped chives to make it look pretty. Not bad for a first time!


  1. These look delicious! I absolutely adore dumplings and these are making my mouth water and it is only 9:15am...

  2. Not just "not bad", they actually look so good. I think I have a wonton addiction. I love them so much. i think the jicama and the mushrooms are great in it.

  3. @ Kate: they were so good that I didn't had enought to freeze in for next time.

    @ Adora: thank you for being my latest follower. If you love wontons, check out my next post.

  4. Found your blog via Foodbuzz. Can't wait to try these delicious looking wontons!


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