29 May 2011

Saturday's wedding menu

She was so pretty!!!
Yesterday my cousin and her husband tied the knot in church before God. They got lawfully married a few weeks earlier, but since they are both Catholic they wanted to get married in church as well. They had a nice church ceremony and afterwards we all headed over to the restaurant for the dinner party.
In Holland, if you are Asian, there are two kinds of parties. Either you host your party at an Asian restaurant (which can normally hold more then 100 people) or you do it the Dutch way meaning at a “western” restaurant with non Asian food. 
Their wedding reminded me so much of my own wedding. Me and the hubby had ours on a beach pier (same restaurant/hotel chain). I designed the menu myself with on one side the Dutch menu and on the other side an English one. The back ground was one of our wedding pictures. Not bad looking at all huh?
This was yesterday’s wedding menu. It was in the same style as their wedding invitation. I tried to capture all the courses, but the hubby didn't charge my camera so I missed the last 2 courses. It was a good thing other people had their camara so I can use some of their pictures.
We started with some carpaccio (thinly sliced beef) with old cheese, pesto and pine nuts.
Then some chervil soup made with beef bouillon and onions.
The third course was common sole filet with salmon and hollandaise sauce together with some mash potatoes and carrots.
Before they served the forth course the bride and groom went to all the tables to make a toast with the guest and to collect their envelops/presents. It is custom to give an envelop with money, but some people like to pair that with a little gift. I just hope that whatever they received will be enough for them to break even the costs they had.

The forth course was waiting for us under the shiny cover. It was a veal entrecote coated with tomato melted mozzarella on a bed of steamed green beans. The entrecote was medium done and super soft. The only thing that killed the nice flavor was the mozzarella, so after the first bite that went to the side of the plate. My sister took a picture of this dish, but she hasn't forward it to me yet.
For dessert we had caramel parfait. It was nice to have something cold to end the meal.

Overall the food was good, but not excellent or outstanding and I think that if they knew the food would come out like this, they would’ve chosen a different menu or even a different location. With a wedding all people remember is the food, the service and how good/bad it was.
We all know how much work a wedding is. It all seems so romantic, but once reality hits you with all the work you need to get done before you get to party I can imagine that some people just rather want to live together. For those who aren’t willing to take that hurdle yet, your time will come. Being married is not bad…we just celebrated our 3 years anniversary last month and we’re still going strong. It’s been a great journey and the end is nowhere near.
Wishing everyone lots of love, succes and health!

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