30 May 2011

Mixed baby leaves salad with scallops

If you happen to have a big bag of mixed baby leaves and you don’t know what to do with it…try this. It is super easy and you only need 3 ingredients: one big bag of mixed leaves, some raspberry dressing and some fresh scallops.
They don’t get much fresher then this. I got these beauties at my wholesale store. They were quite expensive; I think I got 15 pieces for about 12 euro. But they were forth every penny.
I only seasoned them with some garlic powder and some fresh grounded pepper and baked them in some olive oil and some butter. They only need a minute or so per side.
I put some raspberry dressing and some pepper on the salad and put a handful of it on a nice big plate. Then the scallops went right next to it. You wouldn’t say, but the raspberry dressing will go very well with the scallops. I never bother making the dressing myself since they have really nice ones all ready to go.
These scallops were slightly undercooked, just the way they should be. I can have a salad like this every day.


  1. You eat a lot of seafood, eh? I am thoroughly jealous. Nice scallops!

  2. I wish I did =) Seafood is soo expensive! Don't eat it as often as I would like to.

  3. I love scallops! Aw I thought you were in the US I was going to say I know Whole Foods is having a special on scallops on Friday! I might picks some up and make a salad like this!

  4. Lindsey thanks for thinking of me. I miss the US...


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