30 May 2012

On my BBQ table: freshly made garlic herb butter

You only know what you have when it’s gone. This is so very true. The last couple of days we had amazing weather. Although there was a lot of complaining about the heat and the pollen in the air, it was so nice. It was like having a holiday in our own country. After work we went biking to the beach and to Delft and we spent lots of time outside soaking in the sun. And of course in one week we had like 2 bbq parties!
After being spoiled for a week or so the temperature dropped and the sun somewhat disappeared. And it got cold! Well not really cold, but cold comparing to what we use to have. But it’s only spring so we have high expectations for a warm and sunny summer. 

To prepare for the bbq season and because everyone seem to love my bbq parties I will share some of the party flavours with you. 

If you are planning a bbq party or attending one, I have this amazing, but yet simple, recipe for something that can be eaten with pretty much everything. It’s great to have on your bbq table and even better to bring it as a present when you are invited. Of course I’m talking about garlic herb butter! I don’t know how common this is worldwide, but we Dutchies love our garlic herb butter! 

You can use a much or as little of the ingredients as you like; there is no right or wrong with this recipe. 

All you’ll need is:
- Good room temperature butter (I used 250 gram)
- Finely chopped chives (3 big tablespoons)
- Finely chopped parsley (3 big tablespoons)
- Garlic cloves (4 cloves finely grated)
- Few drops of lemon (about a teaspoon)
- Salt and pepper (1 teaspoon salt and as much pepper as you feel like having) 
I was so lucky that I could use fresh herbs from my yard! They look so fresh, vibrant and green. I just love my garden!
I started with chopping all the herbs as finely as I could.  
Then I added the salt, pepper, lemon juice and the minced garlic cloves and mixed this in with the butter. I put it in the fridge for a couple of hours and took it out about 30 minutes before dinner. 
This butter is AMAZING on some French bread and it will taste even better if you put the bread on the bbq so the butter can melt a little...
You can even put a bit on top of your steak or use it to rub it under a chicken skin before roasting it. How about brushing some of it on a corn on the cob? Or adding it to some mash or roast potatoes? The possibilities are endless!

You can keep this butter in the fridge for a couple of days and I believe you can even freeze it in the freezer. But to keep the nice fresh herb flavour I would just make enough and make more when needed. Something this easy doesn't have to be made in bulk.

I hope you’ll think about this butter when you’re having a bbq party!

Ps: I haven’t found any place where I could donate some of my food at…still searching. Also my body is sore all over from running, biking and exercising. Hopefully it pays off in a couple of weeks!


  1. Ohhh looks so delicious!! I love that there are so much fresh greens in this spread! Maybe I don't have to feel too guilty using too much butter on my spread. =)

  2. How funny that you posted this recipe.. I just thinking about making a compound butter too. :) Great minds... :) I love all the freshness you have here... I would eat this on anything.. bread, veggies.... meat. :)

  3. I can spread on anything with this butter,,,I can smell flavorful herbs !!


  4. Essential recipe! I LOVE good herb butter. Throw in some garlic and I'm in foodie heaven :)

  5. This butter sounds so delicious! I'd be slathering it on everything I could =)

  6. Garlic and herb...I love the flavoured butter.

  7. Hi Lilly! This butter will make even shoe leather taste good! Yum on steak!

  8. Oh delicious! Butter makes everything better, right? I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing with me...and thank you for the kind words on my blog. I appreciate you, your visit, and of course, this delicious post!

  9. I will use it almost with any thing, flavor & aroma!!!

  10. Donate the food to the less fortunate people, Lily. :) I made this recipe last thanksgiving, but with steak. I must admit, it's really quite easy to make, but most of all, it's very delicious!


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