18 May 2012

Me throught Vannie's eyes

Yesterday my dear friend Tuyet invited us over for dinner. It was a last minute dinner plan but that’s the way we roll. We’re not much into making an appointment way ahead. If we feel like seeing each other we just call and drop by. So when she invited us yesterday I wanted to bring her something nice. I made some shredded pork and she loved it.

She and her husband Cuong have 2 wonderful daughters, Vannie and Rosa. Now that they see us more often they aren’t so shy anymore. They always like to take me up to their room where they play (either together or by themselves) and goof off. And those girls love to goof off! They are also very much into drawing and all kinds of creative activities. They even like to help cooking!
Anyway Vannie and Rosa made me some drawings.
This is how I look like according to Vannie. She’s very talented isn’t she! I think she made me much prettier then I actually am =)
Some more drawings from the girls. I love how kids make things seem so simple.
Tuyet thank you so much for the invite and the food that we got to go! We’ll see each other very soon!

PS: I’ll put the recipe for the chocolate dessert up in a few days!

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  1. Very cute drawings - you look like a princess in Vannie's drawing. Thanks for the reminder about the shredded pork. Looking forward to the choc dessert, Lilly.


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