03 November 2011

The mini series: chocolate lava cupcakes

After the teaser pics in my last post I just had to make the chocolate lava cakes. It just wouldn’t be right not to. Besides I have something to celebrate. Well it might be a bit too soon to celebrate, but hey, any excuse for making lava cakes works for me.

As you all know I’ve been wearing my glasses for a bit more then a month now. Yesterday I had a check up and my eyes are suitable for a lens implant. WHOEHOE! I’m so exited! Especially since the doctor will num my eyes with drops in stead of needles. I’m a big chicken, super scared of needles but the drops are awesome. They gave me one drop during the check up and I didn’t feel anything!
The only down sight is that if they don’t have the lens in stock it will take up to 12 weeks to custom make it for me. That would mean I can’t have it done this year, but have to wait after I come back from my holiday. Oh well, I can wait…another 3 months won’t kill me. I’ve taken the first hurdle…another 2 to go.

So back to the mini lava cupcakes. I bet you’re all exited…here goes:

As I don't remember what I did the other day I tried to remake it. It was tasty, but didn't quite taste/looked the same.

For 20 mini cupcakes I used:
- 100 grams of room temperature butter
- 4 table spoons of sugar
- 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
- 4 big table spoons of all purpose flour (3 if you like it soft and moist)
- ½ teaspoon of salt
- 1 egg
- ½ teaspoon of baking powder
- 1 bar of dark bittersweet chocolate
I stared with mixing the butter with the sugar, salt and the cocoa powder.
Then the egg and baking powder went in. I mixed it till the sugar dissolved.
Last but not least I added the flour. I added it spoon by spoon, making sure all the flour was well incorporated before I added another spoon.
I chopped the chocolate bar in little bits, small enough to fit the molds, but big enough to have it "run" out of the cake. This bar was a bit too much so I still had some bits I could snack on.
I preheated the oven on 180C degrees and while that was doing its thing I filled the molds with one scoop of batter.
In the middle I pressed one piece of chocolate. It’s ok if it’s still sticking out for a bit. The cakes will rise and the chocolate bits will slightly sink.
After about 20 minutes they were done.
They didn’t rise as much as I though they would and they weren’t as moist as the first time.
But that sprinkle of sugar dust does make them pretty =)
The outside had a nice crunch like a cookie, but the inside was moist and had that running chocolate. It was good, but not like the first time at all. Luckily I know what made the difference. It was that extra scoop of flour. So if you like your cake soft and moist, add 3 tablespoons of flour instead of 4.


  1. OhMYGosh! These look so decadent! You just can't beat chocolate and chocolate :)

    Congrats on your upcoming surgery. I hope you don't have to wait 12 weeks!

  2. They look delicious and congratulations on being a candidate for lens replacement! When it's done - it will be WELL worth the extra wait time! I'm very happy for you (and happy you made these cupcakes!)

  3. cakes look wonderful lovely chocolate flavour

  4. Yum! I like the idea of making individual cupcakes. Congrats on your upcoming surgery.

  5. Love the double dose of the chocolate...yummmm...

  6. Congrats on the surgery. Don't worry you will be busy with your holiday anyway! ;-) Great way to celebrate with lava cupcakes. These look yummy. I love mini version too so I can pop one in my mouth every time I pass by kitchen... that's what is going to happen to me!

  7. Lens implants? Is that like the laser surgery? I'm confused, but happy for you! I'd get rid of my glasses if I could. Stupid things :)

    Loooooove these lava cakes. So yummy. And mini! And adorable :)

  8. Lilly, your upcoming surgery scares me a little...I'm so chicken about needles and knives touching any part of my body! That's why I think you're so brave for wanting to do it. I'll probably wear my glasses to the grave :).

    Now these lava cupcakes, they look perfect despite what you say. Again, I marvel at your hand-whisking ability!

  9. Love those chocolate lava cupcakes. SO unique!

  10. Love those cakes. I'm in a dilemma now because I actually like moist cakes as well as those that are crusty on the outside. Good luck on you eye op. Hope all goes well.

  11. Yum! What a great idea - I've always wanted to try something like this but never knew how to approach it.

  12. Hi Lilly! You had me at CHOCOLATE! But add cupcakes and lava centers to the mix and OMG! Awesome!
    And by the way, congrats on the lens replacement. I too had my lens replaced. Amazing! My eye has never been this great.

  13. Congratulations on your eye surgery. 12 weeks is not such a long time :)
    Your cupcakes look great, genius idea to stuff them with chocolate chunks!

  14. Yumola, who doesn't love chocolate cupcakes with more gooey chocolate inside? Bookmarking this and wishing you the best on the upcoming surgery.

  15. Ooooo I must confess, I had to read with one eye when I saw the word 'needles' - erk! Glad it turns out you are suitable.

    Love the mini lava cakes. Melted choc... sigh!

  16. Great news on the eye front! Hope all goes well with the surgery (whenever it happens). These lava cakes look great =)

  17. Good news on the eye,hope the surgery goes well,these cupcakes looks tempting,,,i love anything with chocolate :)

  18. Thank you all for your kind words. Surgery is in 3 days…I’m exited but scared. Very strange feeling.

  19. Hope the surgery goes well! Your lava cakes look amazing!


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