20 July 2011

The mini series: puff pastry with corn

Since I had 3 little squares left and I didn’t want it to go to waste I decided to do another mini series. I had some left over corn so I thought why not make something with that as well.
I made stuffing with lots of corn, a little bit of ground meat, some chopped parsley, garlic powder and a pinch salt and pepper.
I filled all the molds with puff pastry and stuffed them with the corn mixture.
As everything taste better with some grated cheese I added that on top.
They went into an 180C degree oven for 15-20 minutes till the cheese melted and the puff pastry browned. 
It was the perfect snack dipped in some sweet and sour sauce.
We didn’t finish it all (can you believe it?) so I put them on a rack in an oven and preheated them till 180C degrees and gave them another 5 minutes. They came out just like I freshly baked them.

Don’t you just love puff pastry?

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  1. Ok, now I am officially hungry... again (I just had dinner)! What a fantastic idea to use up a few leftovers! :-)


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