08 March 2011

Back from a long well deserved holiday

February was a very quiet month due to our (almost 5 weeks) holiday in Asia. I had the intention to work on my blog and I thought I would have time to do so but I was sooo wrong. What was I thinking! With two cute newborn nephew and niece it was almost impossible to think about anything else.
Meet big boy Luca aka Anh Khoa aka AK. He is the “little” brother of the duo. When he was born on the first day of 2011 he was approximately 2,7 kilo. According to the last counting he’s almost double his weight.
This is big sister, pretty miss Bella. She of course was born on the same day and started with around 2,5 kilo. She hasn’t caught up to Luca’s weight yet, but don’t let the petit appearance fool you. She is only 3 cm less tall then Luca. 
Can you tell who’s little feet this is?
I bet it is easier to tell now. This is Luca’s feet. Boys will be boys!

So you see I had two very legitimate reasons for disappearing from my blog for almost a month! I was too busy feeding, cuddling and staring at the two cutest babies I’ve ever seen. Big thanks to new mom Tan and new dad Q for letting this auntie spend maximum quality time with the kiddies!

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