01 December 2011

The mini series: chocolate flower cups

After making apple pie I still had a bit of dough left. It was sitting in the fridge waiting for me to come up with a smart idea. Although the apple pie was good I didn’t want to make more. I decided to roll the dough out as thin as possible and to put them in a mini muffin tin till I figured out what to make.
I used a peanut butter jar to roll the dough out. Who needs a fancy rolling pin anyway =) 
And yes, I left it in the same plastic bag I stored it. I was watching tv and didn’t want to dirty more stuff.  

With a cutter I cut cute little rounds and put them in the muffin tin. I barely had enough for 24 cups but I made it. Now what? Chocolate is always a good idea. And chocolate with some orange zest is just heaven; 24 pieces of heaven it is.
I melted one bar or dark chocolate (about 100 gram) and added about a teaspoon of orange zest. I just love the smell of those two together.

Then I mixed 2 eggs and one tablespoon of flour with the chocolate. That wasn’t a good plan at all. The chocolate turned from smooth to lumpy. I didn’t want to throw it out (of course not!!) so I had to stir till my arm fell off. It got a bit smoother, but since I would bake it in the oven I thought I would be ok.

I preheated the oven on 180C and in the mean time I scooped a bit of chocolate in the cups. You see that lump? At least it’s a lump of chocolate, could’ve been worse. I lucked out cuz again I had enough.
I baked them for 10-15 minutes till the chocolate double in volume.
They were so cute when they came out! Like little flowers...the best time to eat them is when they are still slightly warm.

Ps: I want to thank everyone for their support during the eye surgery process. It’s very much appreciated! One more eye to go next Tuesday.


  1. Hi Lily! Such cute little mini choco cake tarts..Hope your eye is recovering well and all the best for next Tuesday too. Make sure to just rest more okay? Till then.. hugs ,jo

  2. Very creatif Idea,looks yummy and cute,Hope you eye recovering smooth and well !!

  3. You knocked it out of the park here.. what a perfect little dessert! Good luck with your eye procedure that's coming up. Hope everything goes well and you get better quickly. :)

  4. Beautiful chocolate flowers. Bet they taste as great as they look.

  5. Haha! You actually do a better job to roll the dough out than me using rolling pin. Seriously, I don't bake much so I don't even do it right for some reason... I always struggle and I excuse my rolling pin is not working properly. =P Your chocolate flower cups look lovely~~~!

  6. Fancy rolling pins are over-rated :) These are so yummy and cuto! I want to eat 40 right now!

    And so glad to hear the surgery went well!

  7. Oh, this is GENIUS! They look amazing and so tasty!

  8. i don't think i could do such a wonderful job using a jar.
    Your chocolate flowers look so tempting. thanks for sharing.
    Glad to hear everything went well with the surgery.

  9. Wow! These are just precious. I'm sure they taste great too. Thank you for sharing your words and your photos with me. They made me smile. And thank you for your kind words on my own blog. I'm glad we can share with each other!

  10. Yum! What a clever way to use up leftovers! These look so cute and I am sure they tasted delicious as well!

    I am glad the surgery went well!!! :-)

  11. These look like little bites of heaven indeed! Hope the 2nd eye surgery goes well today =)

  12. Lilly, I hope you feel better and you are taking care of yourself.
    The tiny cakes looks adorable and yummy!!!
    All the best, x

  13. These mini-pies look gorgeous and what a wonderful idea to roll the dough with a big jar (by the way I have never seen such a huge jar of peanut butter).
    Good luck with your surgery.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm very happy to discover yours.

  14. Is it okay if I prefer your rolling pin?

  15. LOL, I really like your cure rolling pin! You must be the most practical blogger I know. Usually when I bake, I mess up half the kitchen and end up with a HUGE pile of stuff in the sink! Despite your frustrations, the chocolate flower cups look so yummy, in fact, I won't mind having several of these to munch on while watching TV myself ;).

    Going to check out your older posts now to see where the eye situation has gotten to before I comment on it!

  16. :)) Loveeee it!!! You did fantastic job, and those DO look incredibly tasty!!!!

  17. Brilliant! They look cute and so yummy!


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