11 January 2011

Caramel Sauce

It is what it is and it is pretty straight forward, but it is not the kind of sauce you can use with ice cream. I am showing you the sauce I make for only one purpose; thit kho. I don’t think there is a good translation for this dish, but it is slow cooked (fatty) pork in caramel sauce with either eggs, bamboo or daikon root.
I start with covering the pot with a layer of sugar. The thicker the layer the longer it takes for the sugar to cook. If the sugar is divided evenly it will cook more evenly.
But even then one part will cook faster then other parts. Just swirl the sugar around. Make sure you keep an eye on the pot, it can burn really fast. Do not put any water in before it turned to the color you need.
I like it golden brown. If you leave it too long it will turn dark brown and it will taste bitter and burned.
Once it is golden I add half a cup of warm water to the caramel. It is very very hot and it will release a lot of steam. And everything will stick together also. Just put the pot back on the fire and stir till everything is dissolved and the mixture is liquid and smooth. Now it is ready to be used.

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